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In the realm of bodybuilding many people look to supplements to help them in their endeavor to bulk up. These supplements are called, in the industry, dietary supplements. This is because they are taken with, or in place of, meals. Almost all of these will fall into the protein category. Yes, there are also supplements in the form of vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids and fatty acids. All of these play a role in our daily needs for optimal body function. A dominate question is though is creatine good for you?

Daily Intake

To exceed “normal” function we can augment our daily intake to help perform certain tasks. In the world of weight lifting or bodybuilding a person can be helped to accomplish the workout routine with the use of many different supplements. Creatine is a supplement that comes from the Whey Protein product. It is a refinement of Whey to a different level. Creatine is used prior, during and after a workout.

Use of Supplements

This use of supplements to help in muscle mass building is documented many different places on the internet. Before starting a change in your normal routine you should talk with your Healthcare provider. Discuss with them the use of any supplement in your future exercise programs. This can help in many ways. One is to make sure what you want to use is ok for your body’s system and also optimal amounts to take and when.

Web Based Stores

Most supplements can be purchased in stores in your local marketplace and on line. It is of supreme importance that you deal with people you can trust. People who know what they are talking about in reference to the products you want to acquire. While walking into a local store maybe preferred it may not be practical. Many high quality web based stores can also provide you with your needs. Many have “on-line” chat boxes and can answer questions very easily. So pose the question is creatine good for me?

Realistic Expectations

Always remember to start with realistic expectations and continue to push yourself small increments at a time. Seek professional help from a local gym on proper workout routines and also a nutritionist for guidance in your caloric intake. Many times this help can be found at a gym without extra cost. If not crash into the internet and find help on your own.

While creatine is good to use when muscle building, it is very important for you to understand how and when to supplement your efforts.

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